Shoppers fuming at bizarre turkey substitutes say Christmas dinner ‘ruined’


Online shopping substitutes are a headache every Christmas.

But with coronavirus forcing many families to isolate or want to avoid rammed shops, it has left some shoppers in a right pickle.

Furious customers expecting their big Christmas deliveries have been left stumped after receiving bizarre substitutes for their Christmas dinner.

Beef steaks, ‘gold-plated’ turkeys costing a fortune and jam tarts are among the substitutes that have showed up on people’s doorsteps on Christmas Eve.

Many have been left with no option but to serve the alternatives tomorrow, despite some orders going through over a month ago.

Some feel as though they have been penalised for choosing the safer option by getting their shopping delivered, rather than making the journey to crammed shops.

The problem has been faced by people who have choose to shop at all the major supermarkets, forcing Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Asda and Morrisons to reply to outraged families.

Their apologies came after shoppers took to Twitter to voice their fury.

Max Rick’s Sainsbury’s shop arrived with four beef steaks substituted for the turkey he had ordered.

He tweeted: “Not only is this the most ridiculous substitution ever, I have been reliably informed that they not only have the obvious substitute (chicken) in store they have turkey!!!!”

Another shopper, Suzy Billing, was substituted a huge turkey instead of the normal sized one: “Yeah thanks @asda for delivering me a substitute Turkey which is 6.5kg and frozen and will thaw out by Boxing Day eve!!!

“Not impressed! From a very loyal customer!”

Twitter was full of confused recipients of massive turkeys, who had had their small crowns substituted.

It is thought the substitutes are down to a high demand for smaller turkeys this year as coronavirus rules mean families can’t meet for a big meal together.

One shopper, Kat Whittaker even had her turkey replaced by a “gold-plated” version of the bird, adding a whopping £57 to her shopping order.

She tweeted: “My daughter’s Christmas food delivery, planned and ordered from Sainsbury’s weeks ago, has been gazumped by panic buying in the shops.

“So no Christmas pudding (or even a substitute) and the large Turkey has been replaced by a smaller (gold-plated?) one costing £57! WT****”

The turkey palaver has left customers dumbfounded.

Rebecca Gant was left with a whopping 18 substitutes from Asda, and said she is thankful to have gotten the email in time to get a taxi to Tesco – a journey she feels she should be reimbursed for.

It led to some Twitter users, including Sophie Shaw, to ask the question: “What is the point in pre-ordering a Christmas delivery, to avoid going to the shops, if they’re only going to go and substitute the turkey and the Christmas pudding?”

Some didn’t understand the logic behind the annoying substitutes, as many of the shops actually still had the items in stock.

Max Rick said: “Why substitute when Turkey still available in store? Why am I being penalised for not being able to go into store?”

Robert Shrimsley had his Christmas pudding replaced with jam tarts whilst Katie Ingham questioned the point of continuing on with the celebrations without her bottle of Bailey’s.

Diane Cox, from Berkshire, ordered her shop from Morrisons in early December and chose to order online as her husband is vulnerable.

Exasperated, she tweeted: “On delivery the turkey and the Christmas pudding were missing with no substitutes. Very disappointed.”

Another mishap, albeit a self-inflicted one, saw James Murden receive a single solitary sprout from Tesco, rather than the bag bargain 3p bag he envisaged.

He posted: “Please note: when ordering sprouts from @Tesco online, quantity 1 does not mean 1 bag of sprouts. It means 1 sprout. Thank you and good night.”