Father bought his family’s Christmas dinner for just 50-pence per head


A 47-year-old dad has managed to put together Christmas dinner for his whole family for just 50p a head.

Thrifty dad Alasdair Baker has bagged a feast for four for just £2 total.

He will be spending Christmas with his partner Sophie as well as his three-year-old son and eighteen year-old-daughter at their home in Aldershot.

The e-commerce manager and supermarket managed to get a £7 turkey for just £1.

Alisdair has shared how after experiencing massive debt due to his former business going bust, he’s managed to work out how to do a Christmas that doesn’t blow the budget.

He was able to pick up ‘yellow sticker’ bargains from the discount counter of Morrison’s, where he works part-time.

Alasdair’s greatest finds include a bag of sprouts for 5p, carrots for 5p, two kilograms of potatoes for 7p, and broccoli for 5p.

He got a large turkey crown for just £1.03.

And he also sorted dessert cheaply, with two winter berry sponges for 13p each, a cheesecake for 18p,

He also gets an additional staff discount of 15 per cent at Morrison’s.

With all of the items reduced to clear because of their fast approaching use-by dates, Alasdair said he kept the food fresh in the freezer.

On Christmas day, Alasdair plans on having a light breakfast of cereal and toast before having the £1 turkey at lunch with all of the trimmings including sprouts, carrots, roast potatoes, stuffing and gravy.

For pudding, he’ll be warming up fruit sponge and custard.

In the evening, Alasdair plans to have a second full roast dinner and will put on a buffet of cold roast turkey sandwiches with homemade pickle – which he whipped up earlier in the year from yellow sticker vegetables – if anyone is still hungry.

Like millions around the UK, the family is planning a smaller Christmas this year due to coronavirus restrictions.

Alasdair will be sharing the festive feast with his partner Sophie, 43, his daughter, 18, and his son, three, so they should have plenty of leftovers until the New Year.

Alasdair’s keen eye for a bargain began after his confectionary business went bust in 2017 and landed him with more than £500,000 worth of debt.

With no money to cover food costs, it was vital that Alasdair hunted out bargains to feed his family.

Although his financial situation is more stable today, bargain hunting is now a habit and one he doesn’t plan to drop anytime soon.

Also a trained chef, Alasdair has the necessary expertise to make great meals out of whatever he can find on offer.

The biggest obstacle for Alasdair is freezer space.

This year alone, he had bought and filled an entire freezer with bargains including chicken breast fillets for 11p, sausages for 13p and packs of bacon for just 9p.

He plans to use his freezer stores to do a no-buy January.

Alasdair’s job working in Morrison’s certainly helps him grab bargains – although he insists that he waits until the end of his shift to sift through the yellow sticker items.

Alasdair’s advice bargain hunters is to wait until the final reductions of the day between 6:30pm and 7:30pm when supermarkets cut the price of items by up to 95 per cent.

He also says that it is more rare to find a bargain on meat, so his advice is to be quick if you see these items reduced.